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    Whenever you have lost your natural tooth, a dental implant can replace it with one which looks and feels like one of your own. Implants improve your health and chewing function and are aesthetically pleasing.

    Implants help prevent bone loss, whereas alternatives, such as dentures, result in accelerated bone loss and changes in facial features associated with ageing.

    Dental Implants Durbanville – What are Dental Implants?

    A Dental Implant is a Titanium screw which is implanted into the jawbone and functions in the same was as the natural tooth root. OSSEOINTEGRATION occurs, whereby bone grows onto the implant securing it in position. If this process does not occur, the implant will fail and will need to be removed.

    Teeth Implants Durbanville – Am I suitable for Dental Implants?

    If you are in general good health you are a good candidate for Implants. Bone quality and quantity will be checked by means of x-rays and, sometimes, CT scans.

    The jawbone starts to shrink where there are teeth missing – this is often the case with denture wearers. As a result the ridge, which is important for retaining the denture, gradually disappears which, in turn, affects the fit of the denture.

    Implants reduce the break down of bone and helps with stimulation of bone maintenance.

    For the dentist to achieve the best aesthetic results, it is advisable to have implants placed as soon as possible after tooth loss.

    Tooth Implants Durbanville – How long do Implants last?

    Long term success depends largely on good oral hygiene. If they are cleaned and maintained well, they generally have a high success rate.

    Dental Implants Durbanville – Does it hurt?

    Generally, it is possible for implants to be placed under local anaesthetic in the dentist’s rooms. General anaesthetic is preferred in some instances and this would require a clinic or hospital visit. Post-operative discomfort can be controlled with conventional painkillers.

    Dental Implants Durbanville – Is the treatment expensive?

    It is advisable to ask your dentist or specialist for a quotation. It is also recommended that your medical aid be consulted to check how much of the procedure they will cover.

    Depending on the treatment needed, components will be chosen and the cost thereof will be included in your quotation.

    Dental Implants – How is the treatment obtained?

    Not all dentists are able to place Dental Implants, as it is a unique form of dentistry. Therefore, you might be referred to a specialist for a portion of the treatment.

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