• Dental Implants Cape Town – Why are Teeth Implants the First Choice to Replace Missing Teeth?

    Don’t let missing teeth limit your life

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    In the event of loss of teeth, Dental Implants could provide you with teeth that look and feel like your own. Implants improve your aesthetic appearance as well as your health and chewing function.

    With age, bone loss and facial changes occur. Dental Implants assist in preserving facial bone.

    Dental Implants Cape Town – Am I suitable for Dental Implants?

    Any patient who is in good health is a good candidate for Dental Implants. X-rays and, in some cases, CT scans, will be taken to assess quantity and quality of bone.

    After tooth loss, the jawbone starts to shrink which, in the case of a denture wearer, gradually affects the fit of the denture.

    Implants reduce the amount of bone loss as they transmit force/energy onto the bone when chewing. This stimulates bone maintenance.

    Best aesthetic results are obtained when Dental Implants are places as soon as possible after tooth loss.

    Tooth Implants Cape Town – How long do Dental Implants last?

    With good oral hygiene and maintenance, Implants have a high success rate.

    Teeth Implants Cape Town – Is it Painful?

    In most instances, Implants are placed in the dentist’s rooms where the procedure will be carried out under local anaesthetic. In some cases, general anaesthetic is preferred and a visit to a hospital will be required. Conventional painkillers are sufficient for any discomfort after the procedure.

    Dental Implants Cape Town – Is the treatment expensive?

    It is best to request a quotation from your dentist or specialist. It is advised to check with your medical aid to see what portion they will cover.

    Components will be chosen depending on your specific treatment requirements. The cost of these components will be included in your quotation.

    Dental Implants – How is the treatment obtained?

    Implant treatment is a specialised form of dentistry and is, therefore, not performed by all dentists. For this reason, you might be referred to a specialist for a portion of the procedure.

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